• We supply biomass fuel grown and processed locally and provide biomass heating systems for business and industry
  • We supply ready to use biomass boilers from 45kW to 5mW. We design, supply, install and service biomass heating systems
  • Our multi fuel boilers are ready to be connected to your existing system and supported with our own fuel

Patchwork Energy

Patchwork Energy grow and process biomass fuel in Yorkshire

We provide biomass heating solutions for business and industry.  Our multi-fuel boilers are ready to be connected to your existing system and supported with our own fuel grown and processed locally.


Installing our biomass boilers will:

1. Significantly reduce your fuel costs
2. Enable RHI scheme payments
3. Significantly reduce your CO2 emissions
4. Eliminate fuel imports
5. Help support your local economy


Why Choose Our Biomass?

Patchwork Energy’s biomass materials have been carefully researched and give much more certainty of supply and price stability.  Our use of agricultural residues differs from the majority of offers that focus solely on wood which is a finite UK resource and could therefore lead to increased prices as experienced in other EU countries. The total land area in the UK is 24.2 million hectares, of which 17.4 million is farmed and 2.8 million is in forest.

Is Biomass Complicated?

Biomass heating doesn’t need to be complicated, our boilers will integrate with existing heating systems.  Furthermore, our containerised boiler houses are neat, safe and can be placed adjacent to utilities currently in use. Units are designed and delivered to meet your exacting requirements; systems are available for a range of capacities from 45kW, across a range of applications including warehouses, schools, industrial and agricultural processes.  

Why Biomass?


Biomass is Price Competitive

If you're currently using oil or LPG you could dramatically reduce your annual fuel costs


Biomass is Economical & Reliable

Unlike wind or solar power, biomass technologies can respond immediately to demand


Biomass is Flexible

Options allow you to buy or lease your boiler

Want to learn more about our biomass offers? Call 01653 658 479 or email office@patchworkenergy.com