Combusting Local Agricultural Crop Residues
Down to earth pricing.

Biomass Heat Systems at Competitive Pricing

Extensive pan-European market evaluation has helped us identify the types of technology that can utilise agricultural residues for heat without compromising efficiency, longevity of the boiler or operational simplicity.

Burning multi fuels requires specifically designed technology that is not catered for in a typical biomass boiler.  In order to reliably and efficiently take advantage of lower cost biomass Patchwork Energy has researched over 30 different manufacturer’s designs.  We are pleased to have reached an agreement with our number one choice, Passat Energi A/S.  As a Danish manufacturer Passat Energi has played a major part in Denmark’s global reputation in successful straw combustion technology.

Passat Energy A/S

Patchwork Energy supply and install a range of multi-fuel heating systems developed and marketed by the independent Danish company Passat Energy A/S.  Passat Energy has in excess of 50 years' experience in the manufacture of multi-fuel biomass boilers and a proven track record with tens of thousands of successful biomass installations across Northern Europe.

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Efficiency to Match or Exceed Oil or Gas

State of the art multi-fuel boilers are highly efficient operating at or above 90% efficiency, more than most gas or oil boilers.  They are designed for maximum ease of management.  They are reliable, user-friendly and suit a wide variety of applications.

Containerised Boilers

Our containerised boiler houses are neat, safe and can be placed adjacent to utilities currently in use. Designed to work automatically with minimum periodic maintenance they have the added benefit of no extra boiler house costs and a rapid installation time frame.  Fully tested at the Danish Institute of Technology.

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